“I told myself if I ever made it out of the circumstances I was in I would come back to give other girls hopes hope that there is a way out. I know the Lord sees the tears and feels the pain of those that are screaming for a way out and that’s the ones that I want to go and find to give them a glimpse of hope.” The words of a girl in a Safe House that had been kidnapped and trafficked.

As we ministered to a hurting woman in jail, she said, “You felt my pain.”

“You’re the first person who ever cried for me.” The words of a sex trafficking victim as we listened to her story.

“It really mattered to “Riot” the night we shared Jesus with her in a strip club on Bourbon St. I won’t get to see her again in this life. Her life was ended tragically. But I was able to give her Words of life that night and truly believe that I will see her again”. - Donna Engvall

“Don’t ever stop doing what you are doing. You just don’t know what it means to us.” From a dancer in a strip club in New Orleans.